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Guest room. Voltaire stayed in one of them.

travelogue: sansoucci castle

Earlier this month The Man took me to visit Sanssouci Castle. Located in Potsdam, Sanssouci was the summer residence of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. It’s renowned for its gorgeous gardens which, unfortunately, were covered in snow. But even the wintry weather couldn’t detract from their beauty, and touring the ornate rooms was well worth a trek through the snow covered grounds. Check out the pictures below for a virtual tour!

Sanssoucci shares grounds with the University of Potsdam. What a beautiful environment to learn in!
From the garden, there’s a clear view of the Orangerie (the building in the background). It looked MUCH warmer in the Orangerie than it was outside.
This eagle (or perhaps a griffin?) adorns a bench in the garden. From the bench, you have a great view of…
Freddie himself! It’s one of two statues in this garden.
After a long, cold, trek, we FINALLY made it to the palace.
This palace is the definition of ornate; I loved this chandelier in the entrance hall.
Another ceiling, with Zodiac-inspired art. Beautiful detail in the border.
Sanssouci is French for “without cares”, and I’d certainly feel carefree if I stayed in this guest room.
In addition to a lot of old artwork, there’s also an Andy Warhol portrait of Frederick the Great. Quirky.
A last look at the castle grounds. Au revoir, Sanssouci!



So that was our visit to Sanssouci, a beautiful place! What’s the most beautiful place you’ve visited?


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After a cold trek through the grounds, we finally made it to the palace.

dispatch #15: a relaxing trip

You guys probably noticed my absence last week, as the hubby and I took a little break from Wolfsburg (while the kid got to spend 5 days being spoiled by Oma and Opa. Lucky duck.).  Despite the big chill, we headed east to explore a few places in my new home country. Later on, I’ll be posting more pictures from Potsdam and Berlin, but in the meantime, here’s an overview.


Tropical Island

First up was the Tropical Islands Resort. Yes, you read that right: a tropical island in Krausnick, Germany. Ok, so it’s not really an island. It’s actually an aircraft hangar, but since  the ship it was meant to house was never built, someone decided to turn it into a “tropical resort” replete with indoor pools, real vegetation and random birds walking around. Not a bad idea actually.

You won’t be fooled into thinking you’re in Bali, but after the biting temperatures of the recent cold snap, it was fun to walk around in shorts and flip flops. Though the water in the pools was a little cold for my taste, everything else was pretty cool, including the food and the spa services I tried (couples massages, a pedicure and a facial). The Man and I had fun, but I think it’s probably more enjoyable as a family destination. Sadly, I didn’t take any good pictures there, but you can check out the website to get a good idea of what it looks like.



After a cold trek through the grounds, we finally made it to the palace.

Next up, we headed over to Potsdam to check out number four in my 10-castle quest: Sanssouci, the summer palace of Frederick the Great, king of Prussia. It should be noted that summer castles are probably more fun if you visit them in the summer; still, the snow-covered grounds of Sanssouci were absolutely stunning.


One of the many pieces of art inside Sanssouci.

Inside, the castle is super lavish. It’s filled with statues, paintings and richly colored fabrics. Luckily for me, the audio tours were available in both English and German.

Berlin Museum


The Altes Museen (Old Museum) in Berlin.



We finished out our trip with a quick stop in Berlin, where we wandered through ancient Roman artifacts at the Altes Museen. If you’re a history buff, I DEFINITELY recommend spending a few hours here. It always fascinates me to learn about cultures of the past, how they differed from us while in many ways mirroring us. Or perhaps we mirrored them. Particularly interesting were the artifacts depicting…love in ancient Rome. All I’ll say is that they were VERY creative folks.


Love in ancient Rome.

Oh, and did I mention my lovely Valentine’s Day? The Man is awesome, I tell ya. Awesome.



So that was my trip! Very low-key and relaxing. Where do YOU like to go when you need to relax?


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