1. Hallo Tatiana,

    ich habe dir gerade eine E-Mail geschrieben; weil meine E-Mail Adresse so komisch ist, landet sie vielleicht in deinem Spamordner. Deshalb schreibe ich dir hier nochmal kurz.

    Liebe Grüße und frohe Ostern,
    Karin Maria

  2. Hello,

    here is Donna from “Afro meets Euro” Germany. I just wanted to inform you i have a change of address and would really appreciate it if you did adjust it on the link on your homepage. My new web address is http://afromeetseuro.com/

    thanks once again for linking me. I do appreciate it.


    • No problem! I’ll change it today. And by the way–I love your blog! Your friendship is so inspiring.

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