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travelogue: cologne, germany







cologne-germany-5 Cologne-Dome

cologne-Collage3 Cologne-germany-2

The Man and I spent a few days in Cologne last week. Of all the German cities I’ve been to so far, Cologne is definitely the friendliest. It’s a beautiful city, especially during Christmas: we spent one day trying to go to all of its Christmas markets. We made it to five of them. And I have to say: even though I love Berlin, I have a sneaking feeling that Cologne might become my new “weekend escape” city of choice. It’s one of those rare big cities that manages to feel “in the moment” as opposed to “of the moment.” Bis die nachstest mal, Koln.

travelogue: paris



Of all the destinations on my 30 Before 30 list, Paris is the place I was most looking forward to going. How cruelly ironic, then, that after returning from dinner on the evening of our arrival Easter weekend I fell ill with a flu-induced fever. Most of my first night was spent in a fitful sleep next to my husband. Most of his night was spent putting cool towels on my forehead and generally being too worried to sleep. Continue reading →

travelogue: a weekend in hamburg


Whew! That sound is me being tired after the last few weeks, which have brought my birthday, the first few weeks of Kindergarten for Babycakes, his birthday and subsequent birthday party. Hence my neglecting the blog. My apologies! The next time life gets in the way, get your Flux fix on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Now–back to work!

For my birthday weekend, The Man and I took a train to Hamburg. Continue reading →

travelogue: dinosaurier park



If you follow me on Instagram (@TatianaInFlux), you’ll know that the Babycakes is in an all dino everything phase at the moment. It’s serious y’all–dinosaur books, dinosaur pajamas, and even little plastic dinosaur toys. In the course of Googling stuff about dinosaurs, I came across Dinosaurier Park Münchehagen, a dinosaur park that’s only a couple hours away from us. It’s like Jurassic Park, but safe. Also, the dinosaurs are made from plastic, not mosquito DNA. We decided to surprise the Babycakes and let me tell ya–it was the best day of his life! He kept saying “Mommy, look!” and singing (literally singing) “Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!” It took us two hours to walk through the park, and though he normally asks to be put in the stroller after a while, he ran and walked on his own the entire time. Which is to say: This was a good idea.


WHERE: Münchehagen, Germany

WHAT: Dinosaurier Park Münchehagen

TAT’S TIP: Some of the dinosaurs on display were in the middle of dinner, and it was rather graphic. Just something to be mindful of. Also worth mentioning: there were a lot of activities for older kids, too. Stuff like dino ranger missions, “excavations” and more.



The Babycakes could barely contain himself.


The Man was pretty excited, too.



The dinosaurs were huge. Not sure if they were true to the actual sizes of real dinos, but it sure felt like it.

See what I mean?


Happily, most of the signage was in English AND German.


The English came in handy–the Babycakes kept asking “What’s THAT, mommy?”



Heading forward in time. I guess this could be the Land of the Lost?

I’m not even gonna pretend like I know what this is…an ancient killer penguin?

And we’ll round it out with my favorite little dino.


For more photos (including that dinosaur dinner!), like me on Facebook!

snapshot: jolly green giants in sylt

Giants Traveling in the Wind, by Martin Wolke

On our last day in Sylt, my father-in-law mentioned that there were some interesting statues in front of the rathaus (city hall), so we decided to check them out. I’m not sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t this: a gigantic green family of travelers, towering over everyone and leaning backward (and forward!) due to an imaginary wind. Surreal.

What say you? Cool or creepy?

Have a great weekend!

travelogue: sylt



Our first official family vacation was a five-day stay in Sylt, a picturesque German island in the North Sea. Not gonna lie–the first day there, I had second thoughts, because it was ridiculously windy and cold! However, after that, the weather was mild and pretty. Not warm enough for cold-natured me to get into the water, but definitely nice enough for my in-laws to lay out and tan. Between the beaches and playgrounds, the Babycakes had a blast, The Man definitely caught the relaxing vibe that all beach communities seem to posess, and I ate far too much seafood (one word: Gosch).

WHERE: Sylt, Germany

WHAT: Family vacation by the beach

TAT’S TIP: If you love seafood, eat at Gosch! Plus, all of the Gosch restaurants are great places for people watching.


A cool, nautical-themed playground in Sylt.
One of the locals.
Many buildings in Sylt are topped with distinctive thatched roofs made of reeds…
…especially the high end places.
The Babycakes got lots of playtime.
So did Mommy…
…and The Man, too.

The surf meets the shore.
One happy camper.

travelogue: a weekend london


Guten Tag!

A few weeks ago, the man and I took a more or less spontaneous trip to London for the weekend. It was MARVELOUS! I have wanted to see London for a long time. As a kid, most of my “travel” was done through books, and many of my favorites, from Charles Dickens’ novels to the Sherlock Holmes stories–were set in London. So when I was composing my 30 Before 30 list, it’s no surprise that London was one of the first places I wrote down. I’d always imagined it as a bustling, energetic and somewhat mysterious place; I found it to be all of that and then some. I think this is a city that I’ll be visiting time and time again.


En route to London, on the train from Stanstead Airport.

We passed Olympic Stadium. I wish we

One of the things I loved most about London was the juxtaposition of the old and the new. It makes for surprising, contradictory scenes... this monument in a small park, stuck in the middle of the city's financial district.

We made a trip to Brixton Market on a Saturday--such a fun, energetic experience.


We caught a movie at Picadilly Circus (The Avengers, it was awesome.).


Of course, I HAD to take a picture by one of the iconic red phone booths.


And we definitely had to eat fish and chips.


We could have easily stayed for a week; sadly, we only had a weekend.

But trust me, London--we WILL be back.

Check out my Facebook page later in the week for even MORE photos!

snapshot: lonstagrammed

Picadilly tube entrance, London

Picadilly tube entrance, London

A shot of the tube entrance at Picadilly Circus in London, made pretty by Instagram. Let me know if you’re on Instagram–we can share pics!

Bis später!

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