30 BEFORE 30

I believe when we share our goals with like minded individuals, we have a greater chance of achieving them because we can help each other. In sharing my 30 Before 30 goals for this year, I invited everyone who reads this blog to share five things they want to accomplish this year.

If you haven't shared your 5 goals yet, leave them below! I'd love to know what they are, and to help support them if I can.


Visit London? Check!

Things to Do before I turn 30 (in August, 2013)

1. Learn German IN PROGRESS
2. Master the Spanish language
3. Visit Barcelona
4. Take a train to Paris
5. Visit London May 2012
6. Visit Italy
7. Visit an African country
8. Learn how to cornrow
9. Visit Amsterdam
10. Complete a manuscript IN PROGRESS
11. Publish a short story June 2012
12. Learn HTML
13. Visit Jamaica
14. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's Dec. 24, 2011
15. Go running twice a week IN PROGRESS
16. Learn how to play soccer
17. Live in another country Sep. 2011
18. Learn to cook 5 new things
19. Learn how to roller-skate
20. Visit Brussels
21. Visit New York
22. Go to a professional soccer match  Aug 2012
23. See Kobe Bryant play in person
24. Visit Switzerland
25. Donate books to a juvenile detention center
26. Volunteer once a month
27. Start doing yoga IN PROGRESS
28. Grow out my relaxer Jan 2009
29. Take a ballet class
30. Visit 10 castles IN PROGRESS 4/10


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15 thoughts on “30 BEFORE 30

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  2. Kimberly

    Hi Tatiana, I found your blog via flygirlblog.com. Your 30 before 30 page just inspired me to make one too. Thanks & Happy new year!

    1. Post author

      AWESOME! Because 1) anyone who reads Fly is automatically cool in my book and 2) my 30 Before 30 list has brought a lot of momentum to my life, and I hope it does the same for yours! I'd love to hear what you decide to put on your list.

  3. Em.

    The short stories are essentially horror. Fiction is new for me and I have two short stories I am working on (one is close to completion; the other I've just started). I would like to submit them for publication. What about yourself?

  4. Jai

    I love lists and goals. I'm 37 and I've been living the dream I've had since high school. Teaching and traveling internationally. Here's my 4 before 40, not as cute of a title but they are four big ones for me.

    1. Take a round the world trip for one year.
    2. Run a marathon.
    3. Go on safari in Africa.
    4. Learn to speak Spanish.

  5. My top 10 before 30

    1- learn german (one of my least favorite language tho but i will so impress if i can speak it plus i will be able to talk, i love to talkkkk)
    2- live in a foreign country for at least a year
    3-go to someone's wedding (and may be wasnt invited? sound crazy but fun)
    4-ride a motocycle on the beautiful scenery for at least an jour
    5- visit at least 5 foreign countries
    6-eat something really weird
    7-dance in the rain
    8-own a little agency or company
    9-finally be with the love of my life
    10-do something crazy (fun crazy)

  6. gulsah

    your list is very inspiring :) I'll write my own but unfortunatelly I'm turning 30 in ten days :) my lisy will be more practical than yours but certainly it will be fun thanks for it :)

  7. Learn how to play soccer????? lol... sorry for laughing....but i had some sisters back in columbus, ohio who wanted me to teach them how to play soccer and till today my poor ankle hasnt healed.... so i hope and pray you achieve all your goals. just like the water boy says "You Can Do It"


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