flux /fluks/ n. –the sweet spot between utter boredom and total overwhelm

Hi! I’m Tatiana Hanebutte. In September 2011, I quit my social media job, packed up my life and toddler, and moved from Alabama to Germany. Most people who know me weren’t that surprised at my choice: I’ve always been a bit weird, a bit of a square peg. So pulling up roots and moving to a foreign country was kind of a logical progression.

While TatianaInFlux chronicles my adventures in Europe with my husband, The Man, and our son, The Babycakes, I hope that it does more than that. Yes, it’s for friends and family who want to keep up with our lives, but it’s also for women who believe life begins just outside their comfort zone. They do crazy stuff, like moving to another country to be with the person they love. They intentionally seek opportunities to learn new things, meet new people and see new places. They make bucket lists to keep themselves from operating on autopilot.

So join me as I try to decipher German culture, travel around Europe and navigate the never-ending reinvention process that is life as an expat! I hope my story is entertaining, but more than that, I hope that it inspires you to make bold choices, and to live outside the boundaries of other people’s imaginations. Let’s go!


7 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Just came across your blog via Black Atlas. While we live in different, albeit neighbouring, countries we have something in common: giving up a full-time job to live abroad. (That and the fact that my name is the short form of yours!)

    • Hi!!! I have actually been following you on twitter for awhile now, because our blog names translate to the same thing, word for word. :) It’s very cool to connect with someone on a parallel journey; guess I’ll have to stop lurking and say hi on your blog!

  2. Just came across your website and I’m enjoying the read! The interesting, exciting marching to their own drum beat women with rockin’ curls the better!

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