*Peeks in*

Hey y’all! Remember me? :)

I’ve been slacking terribly with the blogging this year. Chilllld, I been tired. Carrying a baby and learning German at the same time is exhausting, let me tell you. Anywho, my favorite way to ease back into blogging after a bout of laziness an extended break is to write a currently post. So, without further ado…


Loving: Relaxation

Chill time with my family. My Homebody-ness is at an all time high right now. Seriously–aside from an occasional excursion or dinner with family here and there, you’re most likely to find me on the couch with my feet up, hanging out with The Man and the Babycakes.

Reading: The Devotion of Suspect X

I just ordered a stack of books for this year’s summer reading. The first one I finished was The Devotion of Suspect X, a crime novel by Keigo Higashino. Amazon recommended it because I’m a fan of Natsuo Kirino, so I decided to check it out. It was…not bad. The premise was kind of interesting, but for me, it didn’t really live up to the hype on the cover. But like I said, it wasn’t bad; still, Kirino’s Out was waaaay better.

Watching: Season 2 of Orphan Black

What DOES live up to the hype, though, is the BBC series Orphan Black. (See my thoughts on Season 1 here). I’m not going to tell you what it’s about–all I’ll say is that if you like brilliant acting and brilliant storytelling, then you will love Orphan Black as much as I do.

Thinking about:

Baby names. Early on in the pregnancy, the Babycakes came up with two alternatives for us: Mr. Brother for a boy, and Mr. Girl for a girl. I think we can come up with more options, though.

Listening to:

Nothing new. Any recommendations?

Working on:

This is actually a reminder of what I should be working on but am not: finishing up a story. I think I’ll be better able to focus on it once my German class is over next month.

Wishing for:

All I want is a fun weekend that involves my best friend, nights seeing plays at the theatre, and boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. Maybe (hopefully!) next year.

So–what’s new with you? Tell me what you’ve been up to!


  1. Love your blog Tatiana:) I started following it just prior to moving to Wolfsburg:) About a month ago I saw your husband and son in Edeka (as I recognised them from the blog) and thought it might be a tad weird if this random Canadian approached them lol…love the blog as it has helped me with my transition here in Germany:)

    • Aww, thank you Holly! Next time, say hi! They would love it. Though I have to be fair and warn you that one (or more likely both of them) will talk your ear off. :) How are you liking Wolfsburg so far?

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