travelogue: cologne, germany






cologne-germany-5 Cologne-Dome

cologne-Collage3 Cologne-germany-2

The Man and I spent a few days in Cologne last week. Of all the German cities I’ve been to so far, Cologne is definitely the friendliest. It’s a beautiful city, especially during Christmas: we spent one day trying to go to all of its Christmas markets. We made it to five of them. And I have to say: even though I love Berlin, I have a sneaking feeling that Cologne might become my new “weekend escape” city of choice. It’s one of those rare big cities that manages to feel “in the moment” as opposed to “of the moment.” Bis die nachstest mal, Koln.


  1. That’s good to know. I have been trying to decide where to go first, Berlin or Munich, but this gives me a third choice. I finally got a chance to watch your favorite movie. I liked it a lot but l was not happy that she treated him so badly after finding out who he was. I have the same problem with all movies and shows though, why don’t people just ask a question right then and there..but l guess it would make for awfully short movies…lol!

  2. Amazing photos! Now, I might want to visit Cologne one day…I only took a half semester of German in high school (the class was canceled) so that might be a problem.

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