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So–if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, the you’ll know that on Tuesday, I locked myself out of the house. Sadly, this is not the first time it’s happened. Because I’m the type of person who locks herself out of the house at least once a year, I’ve developed a plan for what to do if when this happens. My plan: I get out and explore, and I document my adventures on social media; if you want to see them, just search for the hashtag #TatsLockedOut.
In this latest edition of #TatsLockedOut, I was lucky enough to have my purse with me (the last time, all I had was my phone). So instead of moping about, I decided to hop on a train and explore Braunschwieg, one of the cities near Wolfsburg. I’ve been there lots of times, but I find that the nature of cities means there’s always something new to discover. And y’all–I struck gold, in the form of a store called Afghan Warehouse. It all started with a peasant skirt.
I’m pretty sure that I was a hippy in a former life, so any time I see  flow-y clothing or smell incense, I feel a magnetic pull in whatever direction it lies. What got me this time was a rack of peasant skirts standing out in front of the store. I crossed the street to check it out, then went in to find the place that bohemian dreams are made of: shelves of African and Asian inspired art, baskets of earthy bracelets, stacks of brightly colored fabrics. Incense, henna, scarves, carved wood. I loved it. In my part of Germany, it’s very rare to find non-European stuff that’s not kitschy, so I was beyond stoked to find this place.
Afghan Warehouse
Waisenhausdamm 4
38100 Brunswick

What about y’all–discovered any interesting places lately?


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