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Guten Tag, y’all!
Yesterday, when I asked the Babycakes what he wanted for breakfast, he said “Pancakes!” No problem, right?
We had pancake mix, but we didn’t have syrup. If we still lived in the States, I would’ve just packed him up and made a quick run to Wal-Mart (or the always awesome Tar-zhay), but this ain’t Kansas Alabama anymore! This is Germany, and just about everything–including grocery stores–are closed on Sundays.
Now, Old Tat would’ve said, “Oh well,” and made some toast.  But Expat Tat has turned out to be way more solution oriented. Hmm, I said to myself. My mom and my granny used to make syrup for us. Since it’s too early to call home, lemme ask Google. So I Googled, found a recipe, and made some pankcake syrup! It came out a little too sweet, but otherwise it was good. Check out those pictures.*
I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a time or two, but cooking was never my strong suit–before I moved. So much so that whenever my family had a get together, I was usually assigned to bring paper plates or drinks instead of a cooked dish (trust me–this was the best thing for everyone involved). But since there’s so much stuff that I want that I can’t just run to the store and get, I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to cook lots of things from scratch.
When I moved to Germany, I figured I’d pick up new skills like speaking German or working in an international office. I never for one second imagined that cooking is would be one of the skills I picked up. It just goes to show how getting out of your comfort zone can make you push past your limitations.
Pancakes, anyone? #ThatsWhatPrinceSaid


*Because I’m me, I TOTALLY spilled half the syrup while I was trying to take pictures. And I was feeling so proud of myself..I guess pride goeth before a spill, too.


  1. Nice! I’ve never made syrup before. We always keep maple syrup from the store on hand but if there’s a day when there isn’t any I’ll surely try this recipe.

  2. Love it! Go Expat Tat! How amazing to pick up all these new skills in expat land. I’ve figured out how to make a bunch of nostalgic food items too. Last year I even made a pumpkin spice chai latte!

  3. Cute story! My mother used to make homemade syrup for us when we were kids and she couldn’t get to store (we lived miles away from town). This looks like just the homemade syrup I had as a kid and yes is is very sweet!

    Syrup story aside! I’m curious about your comment in working in an international office. Do you find that it is difficult to find work in a professional setting in Germany? I’ve read a few books and other blogs that mentioned finding work (or mostly not finding it as an American) while in certain European countries.

  4. That’s pretty awesome Tat!!! My response would have been to just eat dry pancakes lol.

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