dispatch 74: autumn is here


Guten Tag, y’all!


Like the new layout? I’m finally happy with it…I think. :) Now, if I could just stick to my blogging schedule! Baby steps.


Anywho, autumn has definitely arrived. It’s a little chilly but very pretty here. I’ve always loved fall, but now that I know what to expect from a German winter (cold days, long nights, very little sunshine), I’ve learned to enjoy it even more. Soon enough it’ll be time to bundle up and stay indoors. So since I had some extra time (and a new tripod!) I went to play around in the woods (Fashion bloggers, I have a new respect for y’all! No way in the world I could do this everyday.).


Fun times. :)


Oh! And there’s a new Flux City Guide coming tomorrow! Can you guess the city?


  1. Gorgeous! I love it! Great layout and lovely photos. I’m with you — there’s no way I could do that every day, but it is fun once in a while. I sent your link to a friend who asked about intercultural relationships and living abroad. Her name is Ayanna and I wouldn’t be surprised if she read everything you’ve written and then contacted you! She’s super cool :)

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