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Guten Tag y’all!

Sorry I’ve fallen off my schedule! I’m working on a project that’s happily, almost finished, but it’s kind of a “drop everything” type deal (more on that below). Hopefully, my next revision will be the last, then I can tell you all about it. In the meantime, here’s stuff that I’m into right now.


LOVING These last few days of summer. We had a pretty nice one: a trip to America, poolside picnics, another visit to the dinopark. It’s coming to a close, but I’m trying hold on to it until it’s absolutely gone.
READING For the last week or so, I’ve been held captive by A Game of Thrones. Y’all–it’s SO addictive! It’s a massive book, but I flew through it and now I have to go see if I can find the second edition at the bookstore here. It’s also inspired the most Germany-appropriate hashtag ever: #WinterIsComing.
WATCHING New Girl. For some reason, I didn’t think I’d like this show–maybe it was the whole manic pixie dream girl thing– but I was bored one day and so I gave it a shot. It’s not bad. Though it sometimes (intentionally) gets really, really, stupid, it’s a fun little escape, and Zooey Deschanel wears cute outfits. Also: douchy Schmidt is my favorite character.
LISTENING TO Kendrick Lamar. In my theme of being tardy for the party, I’ve heard a lot about this LA rapper over the last year or so, but figured he was just the latest over-hyped sensation (the gentleman from Toronto, anyone?). BUT when I went home, I kept hearing the same voice in a bunch of songs that were pretty good, so I googled them. Turns out Kendrick Lamar lives up to the hype!
WORKING ON Editing a short story that’s going  into an anthology (whoop, whoop! ). Almost done, then I’ll be able to give y’all all the deets.
WISHING FOR Nothing, really. A maid would always be nice, but ya can’t have everything.


  1. I am loving GoT book 2! Loving it! Ryan is kind of complaining about it which I don’t get, but it’s so, so good!

  2. omg New Girl. I just knew I would loathe it for the same MPDG reasons (and also because people kept telling me I HAD to watch it, so naturally I resisted), but I can’t. I have laughed so. hard. And yes, Zooey’s wardrobe is awesome (although sometimes a bit twee. Just like Zooey.) Season 2 apparently hits Netflix next Tuesday!

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