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Remember yesterday, how I was telling you about this new feature I’m excited about? Well here it is! Today, I present to you the first ever Flux City Guide.

Whenever I make travel plans to visit a new city, I always Google them (rather exhaustively–it’s the journalist in me) in order to come up with my itinerary. And they’re not obscure places (think London, Paris, Hamburg), so there is plenty of information out there. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough information that catered to me, le quirky black girl. I wanted…

…recommendations on things to do that include the major sites along with the obscure ones (none of that traveller vs. tourism mess, please).

…to hang out in places that play something other than house and techno music.

…tourist information about “ethnic” parts of a city that doesn’t A)assume every minority neighborhood is the bad part of town B) is culturally respectful

…information from a point a view that’s not completely Eurocentric.

Hence the birth of the Flux City Guide. Basically, it’s me talking to cool girls about things to do in cool cities. The guides will cover everything from shopping to sightseeing, and if there’s something that’s of particular interest to women of color, they’ll cover that, too. Selfishly, I’m really excited to have this, and I hope you are too!

First up is a visit to the Big Easy with my good friend Stevie. She’s lived there for the last few years and is completely in love with New Orleans. Editing her Q&A made me want to immediately hop a plane and go eat and party with her. I have two others in the works, and if you guys like them, there will be plenty more!

In the meantime, tell me–what city would you like to have a Flux City Guide to? London? Johannesburg? I’m listening!

3 thoughts on “introducing…flux city guides

  1. Brilliant!! Love’s so needed. Do a guide for Berlin? I have yet to take a trip out there. I know it’s a wonderful city with so much to see and do, but where do I begin?

  2. I would love to see a guide for Amsterdam! If you’d like a guide to Pittsburgh, my husband and I would love to help. Not sure if it’s quite the kind of destination city you’d be looking for haha.

    PS: I found your blog via Today, I’m Bobbi, and I’ve been poring over it since. In September, my husband and I are moving to Kiel from Pittsburgh, and I’ve loved your wealth of information for expats!

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