Guten Tag, y’all!

Do y’all know what the high was today, here in Wolfsburg? Eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit. Like, a temperature that actually matches the season we’re in. Some days, it’s even been hot enough to complain! So naturally, my Vitamin D-deprived self has been out taking in all the sunlight I can get. In normal times, Germany’s a pretty cloudy place; but after Winter 2013 overstayed its welcome (it started snowing in December and didn’t stop ’til April), this summer has found me being an extreme sun seeker.

Things we’ve been doing: having picnics; spending whole afternoons at the pool;  exploring the city; watering the garden; grilling out;  taking long walks; eating ice cream. Almost none of which I have pictures of because I’ve been too busy enjoying the moment. Which makes for a great few weeks but a very boring blog post, huh?

Really, that’s all I’ve got today. I looked Accuweather and found that this is going to be the last week of really high temperatures. Fall is going to start easing its way in next week, and by the time September gets here all this sunshine may just be a memory. So I’m going to go out gather up some rays to store for the winter. :)

What’s going on in your part of the world–weather that makes you want to go out and chill? Or a chill that wants to make you stay in and warm up? Talk to me.