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Did you know that in my former life, I was a journalist? Yup. My first love was magazines; in fact, falling in love with Essence is what made me change my major to journalism. I would be so excited to get the latest issue in the mailbox, and I’d literally read it cover to cover. These days, if I want to pick up a magazine (in English!) and read it, I have to go to the train station. Since it’s not that big, my options are limited, so mostly, I’ve been reading articles online and on my iPad.

But then I went back to America for two weeks, were magazines are plentiful, and I fell in love all over again. Specifically, with Ebony magazine. It had just undergone a major re-haul around the time I moved to Germany, so I hadn’t had a chance to check it out before last month. All I can say is Kudos, Amy DuBois Barnett. The magazine looks fantastic, and it reminded me of how rich and varied black American culture is. Which got me to thinking…

It’s so cool to have a magazine that celebrates and preserves black American culture. What about black cultures in other countries? I know of two:

Germany Black magazine

BLACK!, Das Schwarze Lifestyle Magazin– here in Germany;

France black magazine


…and Ghubar, an online French style magazine.

Of course, the magazine junkie in me wants more. Maybe I’ll start collecting them (when I can find them).

What about y’all? Are there any magazines in your part of the world that celebrate black culture? Do share!

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  1. I love magazines! I currently read them on my ipad which is green friendly but I want to hold them. My mother in law brings them when she visits so I can just read then all again! I didn’t know about the two listed above so thanks for that info!!!

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