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The first time I visited Germany, The Man and I took the back roads from the airport to Wolfsburg. We passed through lots of little villages, each of them quaint and distinctly German. Then we came across a place with buildings that were also quaint but distinctly NOT German. “What is that?” I asked The Man. “That’s a windmill museum.” Y’all are probably giving me a blank stare, but it’s actually much cooler than it sounds. I’m a fan of anything old, random and a little bit quirky, and the Mühlenmuseum in Gifhorn definitely fits the bill. Basically, somebody decided to find old windmills from all across the world–think Greece, Korea and, of course, Germany–and put them all together in a little park. Strange, but fun for nerds like me who are into history.

There are also other things there, like a Russian Orthodox Church (where a baptism was taking place on the day we visited) and the strange contraption you can see two pictures below. What is it? Same thing I asked my aunt’s boyfriend. He told me that back in the day, if a baker sold you an underweight loaf of bread, he’d be put into the cage and dipped into the well. I thought he was pulling my leg, but nope. That’s how it went down in Old Europe.

See what I mean? Random. Quirky.












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  1. That looks like a cool little place. I’ll definitely mark it down for when I’m in that part of the world.

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