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This week in flux,

…my spam filter wouldn’t let y’all be great! Lucky for me, you got your comments to me anyway, and they made me smile. Problem’s solved now (I think–if not, just let me know!).

…I told you guys how what it’s like to feel torn between two homes. Some of you could relate!| Dispatch 66: leaving home, coming home

…I shared my new posting schedule. | NEW on TatianaInFlux!

…you got to “meet” my Aunt Brenda, who took me on my first international trip. | People: Aunt Brenda

…and finally, I shared five more cool blogs written by equally cool expat women. Check ’em out! | Ich liebe… Expat Lifestyle Blogs, Pt. 2



…on having more than one place to call home:

It is great that your son is exposed to both homes. It has had to be one of the toughest decision you had to make to move to Germany but also the best decision. Your son will benefit so much in life because of the exposure you and your husband have given him. He will definitely be a well versed black man. 

I’ve experienced these feelings all the time when I go visit my family in Costa Rica. It is complicated to understand why my parents moved me here to the states at such a young age with no family around. At times, I felt like they robbed me from having close relationships with my cousins and grandparent. But now as a parent, I understand why they did what they did. They just wanted the best for me, which is exactly what you are doing for your son and yourself!

Great picture of your grandmother! Always adored that woman! | Jhinezka


Awesome @tatianainflux glad you made it home and home safely :) | Nia

..and on your first life changing trip:

My first international trip was to Italy/France in 2009 with my twin sister. It was life affirming because it gave us a new perspective of being Black in a foreign country. There weren’t many of us there, and we wanted to seek them out. We started a blog and webshow called Take A Leap that infuse our love of travel and filmmaking. We’ve since traveled back to Italy and also to China where we chronicled the lives of African-American expats. We’re taking it a step further by incorporating a career mentoring component that will provide career and financial planning to career changers, as well as an assigned Mentor in their new career field of interest. The inaugural year long program also has an optional int’l travel component. In Jan 2014 we’re taking the Mentees to Quebec City, Canada. My sister and I have also helped fundraised for youths in our area in need of funds to travel abroad.| Sharee Washington

Lovely and inspiring comments! Check out Sharee’s blog for loads of inspiring stories. And I think maybe I ought to interview Jhinezka to get her perspective on growing up in a bicultural (and bilingual!) household. What say y’all?

If you liked what you read, do share it with someone who’d get a kick out of it. Be safe and have a great weekend, y’all!

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