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Guten Tag, y’all!

If this year in my life had a theme, it would be “Streamline and Refine.” I’ve been trying to do this in my wardrobe, in my home and here on Y’all have probably noticed (and been irritated with) how many times I’ve tweaked or changed the blog’s design. It’s all part of my goal to make things flow more smoothly (and look more pretty!). I’m still not completely satisfied with the look (any graphic designers out there want to make a trade for some writing/social media services?), but I HAVE come up with a content schedule that I hope will make your experience better and keep me posting with some consistency. So, going forth, here’s what you can expect:

Mondays: Dispatch From Abroad
Nothing new here–just the same weekly column about my life, including observations on German culture, thoughts on parenting, and retellings of my random adventures and misadventures.

Wednesdays: People & Places
I’m very excited about this one. On Wednesdays, I’d like to introduce you to the people and places I experience. Hopefully, it’ll be full of travel stories and inspiring people.

Thursdays: Ich liebe…
Translation: I love… You got a taste of this a few weeks ago, and I think y’all really liked it! Basically, this will just be me sharing things I like that I think y’all will like, too. Sometimes There will be a specific topic, like my favorite expat blogs. Sometimes, it will be more random, like the Currently… posts.

Fridays: This Week in Flux
For those of you too busy to check in every day of the week, Friday will bring a highlight reel-esque recap of the week’s posts, along with standout comments from you, wherever you post them! In fact, the first comments are coming from Facebook and Instagram.

Ok. Let’s do this! I’ll be changing up things to reflect this reorganization, so expect a few more changes here and there. And if I get off schedule, feel free to yell at me! Politely, though. :)

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