ich liebe…expat lifestyle blogs I love, pt. II

ich liebe


Guten Tag, y’all!

It took me FOREVER to finish part one of this post because I kept thinking of new blogs to add! And when I hit the “Publish” button, the first thought in my head was “I hope I didn’t forget anybody.” And of course, ten minutes later, I check my feed reader and see new posts from two blogs I forgot to mention. So here’s part two, featuring four five (I almost forgot another one!) awesome blogs that my forgetful self left out. Enjoy!


Wanderlust Project

The blog: The Wanderlust Project
Why you’ll love it: “I just knew there was more to life than just sitting in an office for 9 hours a day. So I quit my job, bought a one way ticket to London, and traveled around Europe for almost 3 months with my boyfriend Johnny.” So began Sherryl’s journey, which has currently taken her to South Korea. If only I had been that brave in my early 20’s! Anywho, Sherryl’s blog is filled with amazing travel photos and awesome posts on international skincare products, along with insights into life in general.
Required reading: Fighting!


finding paola
The blog: Paola…Lost in New York City
Why you’ll love it: Paola is “a girl from a small town in Haiti leaving her mark on the big city.” She’s stunning and stylish, and her posts reflect both a sense of adventure and a deep love for Haitian culture. Anyone who’s in love with two places will find a kindred spirit here.
Required reading: Fireworks in Hell’s Kitchen


Imported chocolate

The blog: Imported Chocolate
Why you’ll love it: So, technically, Jen’s not an expat anymore, but her mission–to encourage women of color to become world travellers–is one that definitely resonates with me.  Whether she’s sharing the stories of other women or of her own adventures in Buenos Aires, Jen’s blog is always a good read.
Required reading: Black Girl in San Telmo, Part I


The blog: Curly Nikki (My Travels)
Why you’ll love it: Another blog I’m letting through on a technicality. Nikki’s not an expat and is primarily a natural hair blogger, her travel posts are FANTASTIC. Why? Because her trips tend to be a mix of purpose and partying: she spreads her message about celebrating the beauty of natural hair, and she kicks it. Hard. I love her fun peeks into black culture around the world and am just waiting for her to come to Germany.
Required reading: Family Reunion: Meet Your Brazilian Sisters



The Blog: Today I’m Bobbi
Why You’ll Love It: Bobbi, an American in England, is a woman after my own heart: smart, stylish and wanderlust-y. She’s also a Harry Potter stan, which gives her, like, a bajillion cool points in my book. I love her travel photos and book shares, but I think my favorite feature is This and That, a weekly roundup of interesting, fun and/or thought-provoking links from around the web.
Required Reading: Paris in Pictures | 3.



The Blog: Mo’ Travels
Why You’ll Love It: Monique’s blog is one of the first expat blogs I started reading, and there’s so much to love: travels with her adorable family, stories about running in races all around the world. What I like most, though, is her perspective: she’s lived abroad for more than a decade and has a happy, settled life. Clearly, she’s doing this right (and clearly, I’m taking notes!).
Required Reading: It’s July 4th (and Expat Life Goes On)


If you’re looking for great stories about life abroad, please check these ladies out. And if you have a blog to recommend (even if it’s your own!), please leave a link below!


  1. Tatiana, thank you SO much for including me in this list! You are the sweetest! I’m really thrilled that you’re enjoying the blog, but also I’m a little mad at you because I have work to do and now all I want to do is dive in to the other wonderful ladies you’ve listed!!

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