in pictures: our balcony garden


Guten Tag, y’all!

Sorry these are late, but here are the pictures of our little balcony garden. I forgot to take proper before pictures, but this old photo shows what the balcony looked like pre-garden. As you can see, it was pretty bare.
Now, it’s quickly becoming one of our favorite places to kick it. We got the planters and all the plants (except the strawberries) from Hagebaumarkt, a Home Depot type store here. The table’s from Ikea, and the chairs are from The Man’s previous life. :) So far, everything–peas, beans, spinach and flowers–is growing nicely. But I do think these chairs need to be painted–any color suggestions?








  1. I miss having a garden and flowers just outside my door. I vote red, yellow or orange for the chairs.

  2. Red! You can use a high gloss red spray paint… For a little extra add cushions for the seat (think ikea)…Maybe cushions could have a sprinkle or yellow and red. Try a bright yellow solid cushion as well. :)

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