travelogue: paris


Of all the destinations on my 30 Before 30 list, Paris is the place I was most looking forward to going. How cruelly ironic, then, that after returning from dinner on the evening of our arrival Easter weekend I fell ill with a flu-induced fever. Most of my first night was spent in a fitful sleep next to my husband. Most of his night was spent putting cool towels on my forehead and generally being too worried to sleep.




The next morning The Man went out early and returned with Ibuprofen from the pharmacie and chocolate-filled croissants from the boulangerie. This combination did the trick, and by that afternoon we were finally ready to walk the streets of Paris.



And walk we did. We walked to Notre Dame and strolled along the Seine, through narrow streets and jostling crowds. Past men selling crepes and guitarists selling sound. Over bridges, through the Louvre, underneath the Eiffel Tower. Past a phone booth where a woman slept with her child.



This was my first trip to Paris; my husband’s second. He was very excited to show it off to me. “I want you to see this church. That park is really cool. Oh, and we can’t leave without seeing this…” He couldn’t stop pointing out little architectural details (or checking my forehead for signs of fever).



As we made our way through the City of Light, I found myself reconciling the myth of Paris with the reality of it. I decided that French women are no more beautiful or stylish than, say, women in LA. And most Parisians weren’t as rude as I’d heard they were.


But seeing it all with my husband reminded me that one cliche’ absolutely rang true: Paris really is for lovers.


  1. Awwwwww.. lovely! Hate that you were ill the beginning of your trip and I hate that we missed each other! Lol. It’s great watching you mark things off of your list.

    • Thank you! The exposed yellow socks were a happy accident: the zipper on one of my boots broke and I needed a warm alternative. 😉

  2. Now listen ,
    I don’t wanna see all that good time you having there and your best looking uncle is not there. Hello my sweet niece ,I’m so proud to see you doing good. Tell your husband if he don’t treat you right I’m getting a boat and come there and give him a ,dose of whip-a***….
    Got to go go but let me know how you doing . Oh by the way you can’t eat my BACON. Now..

    Love you
    Uncle Ricky

    • I laughed for a good ten minutes after I read this! :) I hope I get to see you soon, and please give Aunt Dierdre a hug for me.
      P.S.–I’m coming for your bacon!!!

      • Ok my sweet niece….
        R u coming to the family reunion?
        If so I will see you there…
        Deundra is doing a good job planning…

        Love you
        Uncle Ricky

  3. Lovely pictures though it looks to be bristling cold! Funny that mentioned that Paris women are no more beautiful or stylish than women from Los Angeles. Sometimes what you’ve read/had in mind just doesn’t ring true when you actually see it (this happened for me and my time in Spain). I love the part about Paris being the city for lovers and you guys’ pic…you two look great together in all of your pics including these Parisian ones. I often marvel at your story…the romantic in me loves the story of meeting the love of one’s life in small town/city Alabama, having them sweep you off your feet, and then live happily ever after in a quaint German town. Aw….

  4. Ach! So jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to Paris but my German doesn’t. I was going to do the trip alone but chickened out. My first and only trip to Berlin and I caught the stomach bug just a few hours in. It was horrible, I’m glad you felt better after a while. Your pictures are amazing too

    • You totally need to bribe your German! Make him go with you!

      And being sick while traveling is the absolute worst. Maybe we’ll plan a do-over trip to Berlin. :)

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