in pictures: lange reihe flohmarkt, hamburg

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You all know that I have a thing for fleamarkets and streetmarkets. I try to visit one in every city that I’m in, and Hamburg was no exception. This time we stumbled onto a gem of an antique market, which was much cooler than fleamarkets with a “rummage sale” feel to them. This one felt, at times, like a time machine. I really wanted to know the stories behind a lot of the curios that were on display. In the end, I went home with two awesome vintage bags, a funky ring and a pretty little painting. If you ever find yourself in Hamburg on a Sunday afternoon, do check it out.

Lange Reihe Flohmarkt
Carl V. Ossietzsky Platz




We bought these glasses for The Man, and these purses for me.



Pretty cool, huh?

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  1. Indeed, you got some pretty cool things Tat! I love flea markets, thrift stores, antique stores, you name it I love it! The purses are too cute and I like the glasses. I thought the Man was a stock model at first LOL. Silly me!

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