snapshot: thank you, hotel hafen hamburg

Let me tell you the story of my birthday cake.

When The Man asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said an American-style chocolate cake! German cakes taste…different. Not necessarily bad, but if you’re used to moist, sweet cakes, then you may be disappointed. Because The Man is all kinds of awesome, he found a recipe and promised to make it for me when we got back home from our Hamburg trip.

But SURPRISE! When we opened the door to our room in the Hotel Hafen Hamburg, this awesome cake was waiting for me. The Man had translated the recipe, and the awesome chef Martin Eggert tracked down all of the hard-to-find-in-Germany ingredients and whipped up this cake, which tasted even better than it looked (not an easy feat). The Man was pleased, and I was over the moon.

So Danke schön, Hotel Hafen Hamburg! You helped make my birthday awesome.

Hotel Hafen Hamburg
Seewartenstraße 10, 20459 Hamburg


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