travelogue: a weekend in hamburg

Whew! That sound is me being tired after the last few weeks, which have brought my birthday, the first few weeks of Kindergarten for Babycakes, his birthday and subsequent birthday party. Hence my neglecting the blog. My apologies! The next time life gets in the way, get your Flux fix on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Now–back to work!

For my birthday weekend, The Man and I took a train to Hamburg. I’d heard it’s a beautiful city, and I wasn’t disappointed. As Germany’s shipping capital, the influence of water, movement and travel was everywhere. I have a special place in my heart for port cities: New Orleans, San Francisco, LA. They’re like magnets that draw all kinds of people and energy to them. How else to explain the mixture of old and ultra modern? And I only scratched the surface. Hamburg is a city I’ll be going back to explore.

Tat’s Tip: If, like me, you think the best music ever is 90s R&B, then by all means check out Nu SoulCity, at the Stage Club and other venues. Seriously–I don’t go clubbing anymore, but I’d dust off my stilettos every month if this were in my city. The DJ played Zhane’, Aaliyah, Lucy Pearl and so much more greatness. Stellar R&B in Hamburg. Who’da thunk it?

For my 29th birthday, The Man and I took a train to Hamburg for the weekend.



Not a bad view, eh?



A surprise birthday cake was waiting for me when we got there. As you can see, I wasted no time getting to it!


Headed out to do a little shopping.



One of the city’s gorgeous canals.


Dinner at the Hotel Hafen in Hamburg. It was SPLENDID.

Getting ready to go see Full Crate & Mar. Couldn’t take my real camera with me, though.



Carrying our uber cool flohmarkt purchases. More on that in another post.


In front of a theater.


Yep, we had an awesome time in Hamburg.

Been anywhere interesting lately?

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  1. Nice pics! Seems that you had a wonderful birthday weekend! And yes, I LOVE 90s R&B! I miss it so much….thank goodness for iTunes and Youtube.

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