travelogue: dinosaurier park


If you follow me on Instagram (@TatianaInFlux), you’ll know that the Babycakes is in an all dino everything phase at the moment. It’s serious y’all–dinosaur books, dinosaur pajamas, and even little plastic dinosaur toys. In the course of Googling stuff about dinosaurs, I came across Dinosaurier Park Münchehagen, a dinosaur park that’s only a couple hours away from us. It’s like Jurassic Park, but safe. Also, the dinosaurs are made from plastic, not mosquito DNA. We decided to surprise the Babycakes and let me tell ya–it was the best day of his life! He kept saying “Mommy, look!” and singing (literally singing) “Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!” It took us two hours to walk through the park, and though he normally asks to be put in the stroller after a while, he ran and walked on his own the entire time. Which is to say: This was a good idea.


WHERE: Münchehagen, Germany

WHAT: Dinosaurier Park Münchehagen

TAT’S TIP: Some of the dinosaurs on display were in the middle of dinner, and it was rather graphic. Just something to be mindful of. Also worth mentioning: there were a lot of activities for older kids, too. Stuff like dino ranger missions, “excavations” and more.



The Babycakes could barely contain himself.


The Man was pretty excited, too.



The dinosaurs were huge. Not sure if they were true to the actual sizes of real dinos, but it sure felt like it.

See what I mean?


Happily, most of the signage was in English AND German.


The English came in handy–the Babycakes kept asking “What’s THAT, mommy?”



Heading forward in time. I guess this could be the Land of the Lost?

I’m not even gonna pretend like I know what this is…an ancient killer penguin?

And we’ll round it out with my favorite little dino.


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