travelogue: sylt


Our first official family vacation was a five-day stay in Sylt, a picturesque German island in the North Sea. Not gonna lie–the first day there, I had second thoughts, because it was ridiculously windy and cold! However, after that, the weather was mild and pretty. Not warm enough for cold-natured me to get into the water, but definitely nice enough for my in-laws to lay out and tan. Between the beaches and playgrounds, the Babycakes had a blast, The Man definitely caught the relaxing vibe that all beach communities seem to posess, and I ate far too much seafood (one word: Gosch).

WHERE: Sylt, Germany

WHAT: Family vacation by the beach

TAT’S TIP: If you love seafood, eat at Gosch! Plus, all of the Gosch restaurants are great places for people watching.


A cool, nautical-themed playground in Sylt.
One of the locals.
Many buildings in Sylt are topped with distinctive thatched roofs made of reeds…
…especially the high end places.
The Babycakes got lots of playtime.
So did Mommy…
…and The Man, too.

The surf meets the shore.
One happy camper.

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  1. We are going to plan a trip there!!!! I love that you captured what I call “family time” in your pictures!. Simply beautiful.

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