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A few weeks ago, the man and I took a more or less spontaneous trip to London for the weekend. It was MARVELOUS! I have wanted to see London for a long time. As a kid, most of my “travel” was done through books, and many of my favorites, from Charles Dickens’ novels to the Sherlock Holmes stories–were set in London. So when I was composing my 30 Before 30 list, it’s no surprise that London was one of the first places I wrote down. I’d always imagined it as a bustling, energetic and somewhat mysterious place; I found it to be all of that and then some. I think this is a city that I’ll be visiting time and time again.


En route to London, on the train from Stanstead Airport.

We passed Olympic Stadium. I wish we

One of the things I loved most about London was the juxtaposition of the old and the new. It makes for surprising, contradictory scenes... this monument in a small park, stuck in the middle of the city's financial district.

We made a trip to Brixton Market on a Saturday--such a fun, energetic experience.


We caught a movie at Picadilly Circus (The Avengers, it was awesome.).


Of course, I HAD to take a picture by one of the iconic red phone booths.


And we definitely had to eat fish and chips.


We could have easily stayed for a week; sadly, we only had a weekend.

But trust me, London--we WILL be back.

Check out my Facebook page later in the week for even MORE photos!


  1. Tat,

    OMG, I am so green with envy! That looks and sounds like an awesome trip. The coolest thing to me is that you were able to go to London for the weekend. It’s like going to the beach for us. haha!I hope you are doing well. I just got back from vacation and missed checking your blog every morning. I hope all is well. We miss you here!

    • Court!!!! Yes, it was a lot of fun and totally surreal to be able to just pop on over to a world capital for a weekend. Where did you go on vacation? And I miss all of y’all too! So does the Babycakes. :)

  2. Of course I’m the cheesy tourist and love the pic by the red phone booth. I’ve always wanted to visit London and your pics fuel that desire. Looks like you and the man had a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see the pics on Facebook!

    • I’m so happy I’m not the only cheesy tourist I know! I recently come to accept that fact that I like doing certain tourist-y stuff. Some of the off the beaten path appeals to me too, but I REALLY like the iconic (read: tourist-y) stuff.

    • I think I’d need a good two weeks to feel like I’d scratched the surface! And the feeling is mutual: I’m totally enamoured with Londontown. :)

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